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Governance solutions from the International Model Forest Network

ETFRN 56, Nov 2014: The Model Forest concept links high-level policy objectives of sustainable landscape management to local-level processes and tools that are anchored in inclusive, locally based governance mechanisms. This creates a framework for landscape management that is comprehensive in its approach, scalable in its operation and effective in the breadth and depth of the activities undertaken.


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The IMFN Recipe Book: Featuring Non-Timber Forest Products from Model Forests around the World

The IMFN is pleased to present you with a variety of interesting recipes that come from all corners of the globe. Each recipe includes at least one non-timber forest product (NTFP) that is found in the associated Model Forest.

Policy Notes

Integrated Landscape Management in Africa: Learning from Each Other

This policy note by Mariteuw Chimère Diaw, General Manager of the African Model Forest Network (AMFN), focuses on one aspect of the question, namely that of the delivery model for ILM. In other words, what is the approach to the approach?

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